Wednesday, October 13, 2010

GaGa Arts Center Group exhibition La Conexión

New group show of Latin American art in GaGa Arts Center. Opening on Saturday October 16th, 2010.

Jorge Posada  Silent Witnesses Series
Oil on canvas

Latin American Art Exhibition 
October 16 - November 21
GAGA Arts Center

Hispanic artists from around the world will exhibit their work this fall in la conexion at GAGA Arts Center. This unique Latin American Arts Exhibition displays the great diversity of cultural voices and disciplines that comprise the current movement in the Hispanic art world. La conexion will also present music and culinary arts - so visitors can eat, drink, dance and celebrate the arts, while enjoying the scope and influence of Hispanic art on the world and vice versa. 

The Artists: Grimanesa Amoros- Melissa A Calderon- Hector Canonge- Copie- Nelson Diaz- Narciso Montero- Cuquito Pena-Eliana Perez- Lina Puerta- Alex Pimienta- Jorge Posada- Olivia Kaufman Rovira- Esmeralda Vazquez-Stephen Vega.

 Exhibition curated by Alex Pimienta and Narciso Montero

GAGA Gallery Hours: Fridays- 4-8PM, Saturdays 2-6PM and Sundays 12-4PM